Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Favourite Summer Lipsticks

The weather these past few days has been gorgeous so I've been digging out my floral dresses and sandals and attempting to look girly. As I've been getting ready I've noticed I'm seriously lacking in pink lipsticks/glosses, more than lacking actually I've never bought one. So naturally I went on a hunt round town and decided on these two:

My photo's really don't do the colours any justice I'm afraid. The Topshop lipstick is a really bright neon-ish pink and would be great to wear on a night out. It glides onto your lips really easily and stays on your lips for a long time before it needs reapplying, I love it and its such a bargain for £8.
The only way I describe the colour of the Natural Collection Lipstick is kind of a dirty pink, the doesn't sound very nice but honestly the colour is lovely and very subtle. It would look brilliant as an 'every day' lipstick as it's a very natural colour. The only problem with this lip stick is it doesnt stay on your lips for very long, it need's reapplying at least every hour. However, for £1.99 I cant really complain.

What are your favourite summer lipsticks?

Jade x

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