Sunday, 12 May 2013

What I bought yesterday & mini reviews..


Had a little nose around Liverpool town centre yesterday as I'm going back to Manchester today for the summer (woo!). I was on the look out for a natural eye palette because the only eye shadows I own at the minute are either black or grey (from my Emo days). So this is what I ended up buying:

1// Nivea Beaute Colour Passion Lipstick in Fuschia 35 £1 - Poundland
2// Rimmel Lipstick Lock £4.99 - Superdrug (not online)
3// Barry M Texture Nail Polish in Kingsland Road £3.99 - Superdrug.

4// Sleek iDivine Oh So Special Palette £7.99 - Superdrug

Nivea Lipstick in Fuschia

I was so surprised when I saw this in Poundland. After a bit of quick googling I found out these should normally cost around £3 so I reckon I got a bit of a bargain here, and the colour is just so bright and lovely and looks so sophisticated (below)


 The best thing of all is it doesn't dry out your lips. This is a big problem I have with lipsticks and is why I tend to go for tinted glosses/balm. As its by Nivea it must have some of their lip balm in it because it stays glossy and smooth on your lips for ages. so chuffed with this purchase and will definitely be looking out for more in the future.

Rimmel Lipstick Lock

I've read quite a few reviews about Lipcote recently, and by what I've read its a bit of a waste of time. A lot of people have said it dries out your lips and stings like mad, so I've always disregarded it. Then I came across Rimmel's version so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm really unsure about it, it definitely does it's job and keeps the lipstick on your lips for aaages. However, it really does dry out your lips to the point that mine actually started to hurt. It would probably be alright if I were to put a lip balm on top of it but whether that would affect the staying power I don't know. Got a feeling this is gonna be another one of those products that sits in the bottom of my makeup draw for months without being used, ahh well.

Barry M Textured Effect Nail Polish
I saw the blue version of this on someone's twitter the other day - I haven't got a clue who - but I thought it was really different and cute, and being me I of course HAD to buy it, sigh! I don't really know how to explain the texture, it's a pastel pink nail varnish with sand-like grains inside it so when it dries it kind of feels like stone, I suppose? Barry M describes it as a 'grainy, matte formula'. Anyway, I think it's pretty cool and this is probably gonna be my new 'every day' nail polish.

Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

As I said at the beginning I was looking for a natural eyeshadow palette to replace my 'Emo' black eyeshadow collection. I've never owned anything by Sleek before but have heard a lot of bloggers raving about the brand, and in particular the eyeshadow palettes. This is the one I decided on basically because It was the only palette which I knew I would use every colour. 

Swatches in order left to right and clockwise:

Some of the colours don't show up very well, sorry about that. Overall I'm really happy I bought this, I've got every colour I need for daytime (light colours) and night time (darker colours) also there's matte and glittery shades. It's probably the only palette I'll ever have to buy, and I'm deffo going to get a lot of use out of it.

Let me know what you think.

P.S My giveaway is still running if you'd like to have a look and enter here.

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