Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kukee Jewellery

I've wanted some midi/knuckle rings for aages! (I say this about everything, I know). I had a look for some in Topshop but I couldn't find any plain ones and the ones they did have were around £6, but I'm cheap and don't think I can part with £6 for just 1 ring haha! Then I remembered Kukee jewellery, I've bought a few things from them before, I love the shop because it's all really quirky and well made, but affordable at the same time. They do all sorts of jewellery starting from just £1. I only bought 2 things this time but thought I'd blog about them anyway.

 1/ 4 midi rings £4
2/ Friendship bracelet £1 (sold out)

**Nail Polish - Essie in Bikini So Teeny
I love the midi rings they're so simple but look really pretty at the same time. Also love how you can wear them with literally anything. Only downside I'd say is that they're pretty small, I don't have particularly fat fingers, in fact I'd say they were quite skinny, but I can only fit the rings on my pinky and 4th finger, and even then they're still quite tight. There's no option to buy a larger size either, which is slightly disappointing. I'll still wear them on my smaller fingers anyway so there's no money wasted! The bracelets just a basic thread friendship bracelet, I probably buy about 10 new ones every year because I like to wear several on my wrist and sometimes one on my ankle but I always seem to lose them! 

What do you think of my purchases?

P.s. I contacted the winner of my giveaway but got no reply so I have contacted a second winner, please check your Emails because it could be you!

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