Monday, 13 April 2015

Blackpool Zoo Visit

Since Saturday was scheduled to be such a lovely day my friend and I decided we'd do something fun and visit Blackpool Zoo. Neither of us had been before so we were both quite excited (we're 21, honest!), we'd had a bit of a read up on it and found they had a little farm where you could stroke the animals and a Lemur walk where they ran free around you.

The Zoo was super easy to find (we traveled by car) there were road signs on most streets once you get into Blackpool and there was road markings guiding you into the correct lane for the Zoo. Once we arrived we found a parking spot very quickly despite it being the Easter Holidays and the Zoo being very busy. The only downside was that the car park was pay and display, although it was reasonably priced (£2.50 for the whole day) there was nowhere to get change and we had to buy something from the shop in order to get coins for the machine.

The Zoo was really reasonably priced, £16.50 for an Adult and £12.00 for a child over 3 but they also have family deals. Also, if you order online the day before you go you can save 10%.
The Zoo itself was very clean and the staff were lovely. The Animals looked happy and had lots of space. The enclosures were lovely to look at, the sea lion one was my faveourite with a water fall in it, and you could see the animals really well whether they were inside or out.

Miniature Zebu at the Farm
There were a number of animals which where free roaming, which I think is amazing! There were squirrel monkeys in the Amazonia which were jumping around in trees above your head. There were free roaming Wallabies and Kangaroos in the Wallaby Walkabout (although they kept their distance from us). And then there were, my favourites, the Ring-tailed Lemurs in Lemur woods. They were jumping on the fence and climbing on people, I managed to stroke a couple of them which was so cool!

Ring-tailed Lemurs
Ring-tailed Lemurs
When you pay to go in you get a list with all of the scheduled talks on there, there was all different things like Bird of Paradise show, Sea Lion show, Big Cat feeding & Creepy Crawlies. So if you have children there's loads of things to do. There's also a soft play area called the 'Play Barn' where young children can go and a few playgrounds dotted around the Zoo. There's also a miniature train which takes you between the Farm Barn and the Entrance/Exit for only £1.

There is a large cafe in the centre of the zoo which sold quite a range of food. There was a fast food stand which sold things like burgers, pizzas and hot dogs. And then there was a 'healthier' stand which sold things like quiche, jacket potatoes and soup. There was also lots of kids options including snack bags with sandwiches, a drink and a few snacks in. The cafe was overpriced but I fully expected that, most Zoo's are! We didn't actually eat in the cafe because there was a long wait for jacket potatoes so we decided to just drive to Blackpool promenade and grab something there instead. For those of you wanting to take a packed lunch/picnic there are lots of picnic tables dotted around (most of them sheltered) and some you can even see the animals while you're having lunch!

We spent about 5 hours there all together (and only left because it got cold) but we could definitely have spent longer there. If you have children it would definitely be a full day things as there's so much to see and do. Overall we had a really great day and definitely would go back again!

Thanks for reading, if you go/have been to Blackpool Zoo let me know what your favourite part was!

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