Saturday, 27 April 2013

Embellish Nail Caviar

This is just a super quick review. I know I haven't posted in a while I've just been really busy preparing for the exams that I have coming up next week :(.

I was never really sure about the 'Nail Caviar' trend and having only come across Ciate's version I was pretty sure I was never going to try it as they cost £10+. Anyway, I recently came across Primark's version of the stuff 'Embellish Pearl beads' (pictured below) and for £2.50 I thought I'd give it a go. 

I went for the pink one as my wardrobe is literally FULL of pink. Unfortunately the Nail Polish that it comes with is an ugly sparkly silver and reminds me of something you'd get in a kids make-up set so I decided to pair the Caviar with Essie's 'Off the Shoulder' (here) which is a similar pink to the beads. I basically just poured all of the beads into a bowl, put some nail varnish on my nail, dipped my finger into the bowl and then finished off with a few coats of Nail's Inc's Albert Bridge Topcoat (here).

So these are my finished nails. I'm still not entirely sure what I think of them, I might try a different colour, but they work great and have stayed on for quite a while now. I definitely think they're worth £2.50 because I'm sure they work just as well as the more expensive versions. 

Have you tried Nail Caviar? What do you think?

Jade x

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Barbara Daly Make-Up review

I popped into my local Tesco yesterday to look for a new foundation as I'm fed up of the one I'm using at the minute (this). It's a teeny Tesco so the make-up section was about 1/4 of an aisle and consisted of 2 brands! I had a look at the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation but found it far too thick and gloopy! Anyway, this is what I ended up buying: moisture foundation in Ivory, flawless primer and the light-effect concealer. Tesco had a 3 for 2 deal on so i got all 3 for £18. Bargain!

Moisture Foundation in Ivory
The foundation comes in a very expensive looking glass pot and also has an applicator wand so there's no need to dab the pot out on the back of your hand. There are quite a few colour choices (I can't remember exactly how many) but the thing I love the most are the lighter shades: Ivory and Porcelain. I have very fair skin and struggle to find any foundations to match, they're normally either too dark or have a horrible yellow tinge to them, but this one is absolutely perfect, it blends with my skin so well. It also has SPF 20 in it which makes it perfect for summer too! At only £8 this is definitely my favourite foundation I've used so far. 
(sorry for all of the ugly scars on my hand, I was a very clumsy child)



Flawless Primer
I've never used a primer before but have wanted to try one for a long time. I have naturally oily skin so I've been looking for one that soaks in quickly and doesn't leave your face looking shiny. I saw this in the Barbara Daly collection and tried out a tester. It soaks into your skin really quickly and sort of mattifies your skin, its lovely. I'm not sure if it makes any difference to how long your make up stays on for as I've only used it once, but either way I still like. It RRP's at £10.00 which I think is a little steep for such a small pot.

Light-effect Concealer
I'm really unsure about the light-effect concealer, it should be £7 which is quite expensive for a concealer. First of all there is only one shade to choose from, and it it quite a lot darker than my skin. I suppose once you've got foundation on over the top it doesn't really matter, but it just means I cant wear it on it's own. And secondly its very thin, it could almost pass as a sheer foundation and doesn't really cover much. However, I do like the handiness of the pen with the brush on the end. Saves having to dig around your bag for a concealer brush.



Hope you liked the review :)
Have you ever used Barbara Daly make-up? What do you think?

Jade x

Monday, 8 April 2013

Motel Rocks Night Time

Motel Rocks Night Time

Motel Wispa Cut Out Dress £45 / Cambridge Satchel £100 / Jefferey Campbell Litas £120 / Topshop Frilly Socks £3.50 / Disney Couture Bangles £70 (Similar £25) / Boohoo Studded Headband £4.00 / Essie Nail Polish in Lovie Dovie £7.99 / Bowie Belt £20

Hello hello! This is my entry for the Stylist Task - 'Dusk til dawn in Motel'. Im getting in a really summery mood at the moment so I thought I'd make a summery night time outfit. Monochrome is really in at the minute but I've not been a fan so far, I always feel like I'm dressed for work or an interview when I'm wearing no colour. Anyway, I spotted this black and white dotty dress on and absolutely fell in love with it. It's so pretty and floaty and summery! However I couldn't bear the thought of wearing it as a full monochrome outfit so added some bits of pink in there. I think it makes a very cute night time outfit, but you could also dress it down by putting on a pair of flats and maybe a denim jacket! Hope you like it!

If you've entered, please send me the link to your entries :)

Jade x

P.s. You can get 20% off at Motel Rocks by entering the code jadeleighhh at the checkout :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Motel Daytime

Motel Daytime
Motel babydoll dress, $68 / Monki glitter socks, $7.70 / Dr. Martens black shoes / Zatchels leather satchel, $150 / Topshop / Rare London wool hat, $18 / Models Own nail polish, $7.58

This is my entry for the Stylist Hunt Task - 'Dusk til dawn in Motel'. I don't consider myself to be a 'stylist' but I thought I'd enter it as I quite enjoy making Polyvore mood boards anyway!
Hope you like it! Please link me to your mood board if you have entered :)

Jade x

Beauty Wishlist

I've been neglecting my beauty product collection recently and it's been slowly decreasing in size so I thought I'd make myself a wishlist as motivation to buy them all!


1. Benefit "That Gal" Face Primer £22.50 - I really really need a Primer, the reviews on this seem good so I'll probably buy a small pot of this at some point to try out. 
2. Lipcote Lipstick Sealer £3.99 - It annoys me so much when you find the most perfect shade in a lipstick then you find that it wears off in about an hour. This happens to me too often so I definitely need to invest in this. You can also pick it up at Primark for £3 - so I've been told.
4. Rimmel Instant Wash off Tan £2.99 - I've just bought St Tropez's Gradual Tan Mousse (will put up a review in a few days) which I'm planning on using as a base tan but I want something that I can use to just top up my tan for when I go for a night out. This is half price at the minute so I've just bought it online. Hopefully it's good, Rimmel are usually quite consistent with their products.
4. Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara £10.00 - Recently discovered this mascara and I'm completely in love with it. It makes your lashes look really thick without being clumpy. Not a bad price either!
5. Nails Inc Graffiti Nail Polish £11.00 - This just makes me think of the 90's and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Nails Inc nail varnishes are always amazing quality and last for ages so I deffo think this would be a good purchase!
6. Clinique 3 Step Kit £20.00 - I've had this kit before and it made my skin so soft and helped get rid of blemishes. I don't know why I never re-purchased it but I came across a review of it on a beauty blog and remembered how good it was, so it's going on my must-have list. The good thing about these kits are that there are different ones for different skins types from dry/ combination/ oily. You get a face wash, a toner for exfoliating and a moisturiser. I just think it's a brill kit and worth a try if you have trouble with your skin.
7. Essie Lilacism Nail Polish £7.99 - I just wanted a light summery nail polish as most of the colours I own are either dark or nude. Heard very good things about Essie nails polishes too!
8. Simple Vitamin Night Cream £5.59 - My skin gets very dry over night, especially as my boyfriend insists on having the fan on, and pointed at our faces all night (grrr!) so I've been looking for a night cream to wear. I have quite sensitive skin so this simple night cream seemed like the best option as it has no perfumes or harsh chemicals in it. It's a tad pricey but I'm hoping its quite thin creams would probably clog up pores over night and cause nasty break outs. Worth a try anyway!

Whats on your beauty wishlist? and have you ever tried any of the products on mine? Please send me links to reviews or comment your thoughts if you have :)

Jade x

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