Saturday, 18 May 2013

May wishlist!

Today's gonna be a busy day so I've only got time to do a quick wishlist, that sounds awful I'm sorry but I've got to nip back to Liverpool for a meeting (booooo!). Anyway, this is my may wishlist! I'll probably buy most of these things over the next couple of weeks as I haven't splurged in a while and I've wanted them for ages! 
May wishllist

1/ Vivienne Westwood Pale Pink Orb Studs £85
2/ Glossybox subscription
3/ Mac blusher £15.30 - Debenhams
4/ Nose Ring £2.95 - Amazon
5/ Pale Pink Converse £43 - Schuh 
6/ Pastel Violet Satchel £86 - Zatchels
7/ Ombre Hair Extensions - Beauty works

I've been reading a lot of peoples blogs recently who are subscribers to Glossybox and I find it so exciting that you get new beauty products delivered to your door every month! Especially as its so cheap, it's £10 per month (plus p+p) and I've seen some boxes where the value of the products inside is in excess of £50!

Pastels are very in this summer which is why I've added pastel pink Converse and a Pastel Lilac Zatchel to my wishlist. I currently only have black Converse which I absolutely LOVE, they literally go with any outfit and are sooo comfy so I've decided I want a summery pair too!

I'm still a huge fan of Ombre/Dip dyed hair. It makes a massive difference but isn't as drastic as bleaching the whole of your hair! I'm still undecided if I want Ombre extensions or whether to get my own hair Ombre'd, but I definitely want something doing, my hairs so plain!

What's on your wishlist?

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