Tuesday, 2 July 2013

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For me, the best part about having a lifestyle blog is that I get to document everything. I get  to record all those precious little milestones from my son's life, I get to tell stories about the things we have done, I have a place to share those photographs of our little trips as a three and I also get to celebrate the important relationships I have with words and meaning. 

I am absolutely not an expert when it comes to lifestyle blogging, but I have learnt three main lessons over the past year which today, I am here to share with you.

1. Share everything: Some of my favorite posts I have written are those that show where we have been, what we have done and goals I have set for myself. This can include everything from trips into the woods, a Summer manifesto I have dreamed up or the fact that my son thinks its funny to shout IDIOT at the top of his lungs! With whatever I share, I have found that by the end of every month, going back through my blog feed makes me feel so humbled and grateful that I have taken the time out to record those little things. And if your like me and plan on sharing 4/5 posts a week, sometimes this documentation can be a life-saver when you've ran out of ideas.

2. Make stuff: This is something I plan on implementing more and more on my blog over the Summer and Winter. Making stuff. Creating new things. Knitting a blanket for my boy. Trying out new cake recipes. Crafting things to hang on the walls. And yes, sharing each one of them. Even if they turn out miserable looking and would better in the bin, the point is to try out new things and have them either in your home or as gifts for your loved ones. Its not about perfection, its about having fun! 

3. Set new challenges: This is the one that always gets me super excited and motivated. I love new challenges and projects. Recently I chose to run a mile-a-day for an entire month. The plan was to push myself and to also get fitter. I decided to share my daily progress on Instagram and Facebook and so I always held myself accountable for actually getting out there and getting it done ( otherwise I would have looked silly just have 12 pictures over 30 days ). From these challenges you always learn something along the way and it is nice to be able to write about your experience and share them with others.

Blogging is my most favorite hobby I have ever had, and its the one I would most like to keep! If you would like to follow my adventures please click through to www.kirstymitchell.typepad.com :)

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