Monday, 15 July 2013

Flavourly box

This post is something a bit different from the usual, I've only ever really posted about beauty and fashion, but another thing I love is food. In my house we like to try strange and different types of food, like when Graze Boxes first appeared, we went straight in and ordered those and I'm always hanging about in the 'world foods' section in Tesco. Anyway, I spotted these Flavourly Boxes on Groupon for £6 instead of £17 and decided to buy one for us to try. They are essentially the same concept as the monthly beauty boxes, except they're full of new foods for you to try. Each box contains between six and ten gourmet snacks, drinks and cheeses and also Flavourly donates one meal per box to food bank charities! 
The box came through the door within 48 hours of me ordering it and was packed full of weird and wonderful things to try.

The contents: 
- The Wee Tea Company Minty Green Tea
- Nim's Pineapple and Mango Fruit Crisps
- Drink SuperNature Natural Energy Drink
- Ilumi  World Spicy Butrernut Squash Soup
- Joe and Seph's Caramel, Honey and Hazelnut Gourmet Popcorn
- The Raw Chocolate Co Chocolate Covered Mulberries
- Kent's Kitchen Spicy Korma Cooking Kit
- Strawberry SuperJam
Overall I'm pretty impressed with what I got. There are a few things I still haven't tried but the popcorn and the fruit crisps were delicious! The chocolate mulberries were erm... different, but it was fun watching my sisters face while eating one! 
Would also like to say that Flavourly's customer service was brilliant, when we got our box the oil out of the Korma kit had leaked so my Mum emailed them about it. The customer service team replied within a matter of hours and instead of just replacing the Korma Kit, said they would send us out another full box! I definitely didn't expect that, but it's super kind of them! 
Unfortunately the deal is no longer on Groupon, however it has been on there a couple of times so keep your eyes out for it again, or check out their website here.

What do you think of the Flavourly Box? 

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