Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ditsy Owls Jewellery

Today is a review of a little jewellery and accessories shop called Ditsy Owls. Ditsy Owls sell unique and handmade jewellery, hair bows and other accessories on their Etsy shop. The lovely girls who own the shop, Khanada and ES, sent me out some items to review for them.

 1// Set of 2 hair bows £3.50  2// Pink grapefruit stud earrings £1.00
3// Silver Eiffel tower earrings £2.00

 This is what I received from the girls, 2 hair bows and 2 pairs of earrings. I didn't manage to get a picture of the packaging because I ripped it open in excitement, but the parcel was wrapped up so pretty and I also got a handwritten note which I thought was very sweet. Onto the pictures anyway!

I've never worn a hair bow before so was unsure of where/how to use them but I eventually decided on using them as a bun decoration. I think they look so adorable and are perfect for the summer. I reckon I'll be wearing these a lot because my hairs so boring and these are just an effortless way to jazz it up a bit. There are loads of different designs on Ditsy Owls' Etsy site so if these ones aren't particularly your style then I'm sure there will be some on there that you like.

This is what the earrings look like worn. The pink grapefruit earrings are like a hard plastic material with a silver metal stud,  they stock all different types of fruit and even googly eye versions! So cute and the neon colours are very on trend for this summer. The Eiffel tower earrings seem to be very well made too, I've worn them a couple of times out and have had no problems so for £2 I cant fault these at all. In fact I cant fault any of the items Ditsy Owls sent me, they're all really well made and such a bargain!

If you like the Items I've reviewed you can visit Ditsy Owls' Etsy shop here, view their facebook page here and follow them on instagram @ditsyowls.

Hope you like this review :)

P.S. Got an exciting giveaway coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

** I was sent these items free of charge for review purposes. However this does not sway my opinion.


  1. they are such cute accessories. i love the Eiffel towers!
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    1. Thanks! and yep I'll follow you now :) xx

  2. Just love the Eiffel Tower earrings - really effective and eye catching


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