Friday, 14 February 2014

eBay Wishlist #1

eBay wishlist #1

Watch || Pumps || T-Shirt || Boots || Bag

I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon in doing an 'eBay wishlist' post, however eBay is usually the first place I look when I need a new outfit, and my saved list is at least 3 miles long (you think I'm kidding!). At the minute I'm trying to look for more spring/summery items as my wardrobe is over run with black and navy. 

1. Cat face watch £1.85 -  I will admit, I fit into the stereotype of every other blogger in the fact that I LOVE cats. I just think they're so cute, and this cat face watch is just me all over.
2. Converse Style Pumps £7.99 - Converse are my go to footwear in the summer. I just think they go with every outfit, even a pretty summer dress. I bought some real ones last year for around £35 and they just about lasted me through the summer. This year I decided I'd just go for an unbranded pair and save myself £20+.
3. Labyrinth t-shirt £19.99 - Anybody who read my last post (here) knows how much of a Labyrinth fan I am, so when I came across this on eBay it went straight into my watch list! 
4. Heeled Biker Boots £22.99 - I do already own 3 pairs of black ankle boots, I think I'm obsessed. Now I definitely don't need these but I think they look so much more expensive than their price tag! I think they would look good again in the summer with a floral dress just to grunge it up a bit!
5. Pink Bag £20.99 - I just think this bag is gorgeous, such a pretty summer colour and the style of it reminds me somewhat of the Zara City Office bag! I will almost definitely be snapping this up very soon!

I hope you enjoyed my first eBay wishlist post and thank you for reading!

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