Friday, 20 September 2013

MUA Ever After - Matte Palette

This week has been crazy, I moved into my new flat which has unfortunately turned out to be awful and the landlord hasn't been very helpful with sorting things out. So we were left with no wifi until today which is why I haven't been able to post anything until today. So I'd just like to apologise for that and update you all on my giveaway, I had to extend it due to the wifi thing so apologies for that as well. Things are all up and running now so I'm looking forward to sending out the prize to the winner.

Today's post is all about MUA's Matte Palette which is one of their newer releases along with the Smokin' Palette. I picked this up today from my local Superdrug for only £4 - which is an absolute bargain.

 As you can see the swatches for the bottom row of shadows are very pigmented and they glide really nicely onto your eyelids, however the one down side is the top row of shadows. They are so light that they hardly show up on my skin at all, my camera wouldn't even pick them up so I didn't bother adding a photo. As with most MUA products thought, some are great and some are awful and I suppose that's the risk you take when buying things that are so cheap.
Overall I'm still really happy with the palette as the bottom 5 shades are perfect for creating both a subtle smoky eye and a dark night time look, so for £4 I think that's great.

Did you pick up any of the new MUA Palettes?

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