Saturday, 5 January 2013

Breda Watch

So I've been a member of the Motel Rocks Street Team for a few months now and all of the other members post their blogs on the Facebook page. I've been following a lot of them recently and I suppose it inspired me to start one myself. Ive never done this kind of thing before but it looks like so much fun! I'll probably just be posting things that I buy/ things that I want to buy.

Seeing as it's my first post I'm just going to start with something easy. Recently my favourite site in the world is I bought an amazing watch (picture below) from them before Christmas which was waiting for me in my flat when I got back to uni. It's by a company called Breda who I've never heard of before, but I fell in love with it straight away.

It's amazeballs, anyway that's my first post. If you leave the link to your blogs in a comment or something I'll happily follow you. 

Jade x


  1. That watch is gorgeous! Great first post :) xx

  2. beautiful watch, love the gems :) i must check out secretsales it sounds amazing! xxx


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